• Foshan Shunde Xifu Golden Door Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the manufacture, sale and installation of luxury steel door products. The main production and sales: high-end copper doors, luxury stainless steel doors, door locks and other stainless steel products.

    Our factory has advanced production design, professional technicians engaged in steel door production, good after-sales service and scientific management methods. We have been committed to product development and production for many years, striving to achieve fashionable and high quality, and also It has been recognized and endorsed by the users of the majority of users.

    Customer satisfaction is our eternal goal. Based on this solid foundation, Xifu people will further expand in the steel door field, strive for excellence, introduce domestic advanced technology to innovate, and design beautiful, simple, generous, economical and practical. , stable performance products. Exported to major cities across the country, won the praise of the majority of users, enjoy a good reputation.

    Pragmatic innovation, unique design, excellent product quality, strong marketing advantages, perfect after-sales service, "quality first, customer first" business policy, survive in the increasingly fierce competition, seek development in constant innovation, we A sincere and pragmatic concept that serves the society. As always, with the scientific and technological innovation, fashion trends, design and humanized models, the return of the industry's love and support.









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