Best tattoo artist in Sweden? We have found him!

On our search for the most talented tattooists around the world we thought we’d start far up north in Scandinavia. Our first country in these series is the blue and yellow Sweden!

We went through a lot of different places and finally found some guys working at Tattoo Studio Sweden who have some insane artists who have made the most incredible pieces of tattoos that you wouldn’t even believe.

These guys have been in the business for many many years and are true talents when it comes to putting down the ink! We will actually try to get an interview with them in the near future for you to check out.

They have studios based all around in the biggest cities in Sweden such as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö to name the biggest ones. If you’d like you can check their website out here and you can read all about their services and view their previous work!

And what about Norway?

Well in Norway there are also tonnes of great studios that are worth checking out, here you have a list of  some of them that can be worth checking out. Our personal favorite is one called “Norge Fine Ink” which is truly down to the nitty gritty when it comes to precision in laying down the ink to the customers.

There is also a certain style that you can see that the Scandinavians has in their tattoos. It is probably from the nordic feel and enviorment that they live in I guess, straight from the vikings ;)

Jokes aside, lets move on!

Artists and studios in Denmark and Finland

In the southern part of the north in the smallest country of the 4 which is the country of Denmark we see that yet the small country the tattoo industry is almost the biggest!

The danish love their tattooing and want to show it. They show amazing stuff on their websites with the results of previous customers that are just mind blowing, really worth looking into.

In Finland where the weather apparantly is the worse, is not an exception either. We stumbled upon a studio called “Helsinki Studios” which seems to be one of the most popular and having most amount of regular and back coming customers. There is also an event in Finland where loads of people in the industry come and watch these amazing guys do there work.

Be sure to check out all the sites that I posted so you don’t miss out on the latest about the business in the world at the moment.

Maybe a trip up to Scandinavia is finally worth making, right?


Who is the best new artist at the moment?

Well, this is kind of a tough one since art, just like music is very subjective. One piece of art might be the coolest thing you have ever seen and to someone else it might not be anything special at all if you see what I mean.

So what I have done is that I have collected together a bunch of different possibilities for you to vote and decide for your self! I will also be posting similar things like this so be sure to nip back over here to always stay updated with the latest!

On this website you can find a couple of the nominees that I have put together from the top 10 tattoo artists in the world right now based mostly on what they’re paid. Though they probably got that sallary from making amazing tattoos, so… yeah!

Dave Tedder with his mustache is definetily a great artist and among the absolute best in the world right now. Also in Sweden there are a lot of incredebly talented people like the well known King Carols who I have seen work from that is absolutley mind blowing. Check out his facebook here if you’d like to see more of what he has done through out his carreer.

There will be many more posts like this coming up in the world of tattooing so stay tuned for more amazing info! :)

What’s up tattoo people!

Welcome to my new blog page about tattoo artists and studios all around the globe!

Here I will be covering information and news about different studios and tattoo artists for you to learn all about the art and who is the hottest inker right now in the world.

Things we’ll talk about:

  • Artists
  • Studios
  • Offers
  • Competitions
  • New type of tattoos
  • And much more!

Make sure that you add this blog to your favorites so that you don’t miss out on anything of the goodies that we will be talking about!

First of I think we should go back to a bit of the background about what “Tattoo” really is. Basically, it’s an art. An art that has many fans all around the world and preachers of the world of ink which also results in that a lot of people are practicing it to become artists and start their own studios to make there own way in the business and try to put your magical piece of work on someones body for life!

Quite a feeling huh?

When I did my first tattoo I was 18 years old. Went straight away from home to the best tattooer in town that everyone was going to and talking about. I was really satisfied at the time but now when I look back to it, it wasn’t all so great. I’ve done a lot of fixes to it and coloring over the years, which is normal but I have had far better experiences with other more professionall people as of today!

Angel Tattoo Incredible Art

This angel tattoo was one of my friends who did, he was 26 years old and has allways wanted a tattoo but did never quite convince himself to do it.

But boy did he do it for real when he did, haha! This amazing piece of art took over 9 hours easily but he surely was satisfied afterwards I can tell you that!

If you want to learn more about tattoos you could visist this site here and you can get a bit more knowlageble until next time, huh? ;)

Here you can also find a lot of tattoos and also the ones who actually made them and you can get a glimpse of what other people have done!

Great website for all tattoo lovers!

That’s all for today, peace out buddies!